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15 oktober 2019
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International Recruitment Customer Case VU Amsterdam

International recruitment for higher education

21 January, 2021 | 14.00 – 15.30


International Recruitment is an important topic for higher education institutions. In collaboration with VU Amsterdam, EducationLAB and Makesence we are hosting a new CraniumConnect LIVE session in this new year. We will have a closer look into the customer case of VU Amsterdam on International Recruitment.

We are delighted to present the following guests for this live event:

Important moments in the recruitment, admission and enrollment of prospective international students

Arjan Burgers (Makesence) is an experienced project manager in the field of higher education. During this live event, he addresses the crucial moments and preconditions in the recruitment and admission of international students.

He also provides an overview of the prospective international student journey, the importance of timely and personal admission advice and targeted follow-up. Finally, he talks about the Student Self Check platform that Makesence has developed and the collaboration with VU Amsterdam on this.

Prospective International Student Engagement Strategies

Sharon Feijen (Communication & Marketing Officer International programs, VU Amsterdam) provides an overview of the recruitment and engagement activities of VU Amsterdam with regard to potential international students. What kind of communication takes place in the different phases of orientation, admission and registration? Which activities, campaigns and channels are the most successful? And what is the value of a qualified and admissible lead in this process?


VU Student Self Check – How does it work

Marija Bosnić (International Student Advisor, VU Amsterdam) gives an overview and brief demonstration of the Student Self-Check tool that the VU Amsterdam uses for various programs. She explains how the admission requirements are implemented into the tool and how the platform can be used to encourage admissible students to apply.


VU Student Self Check – results

Floris Korbee (Policy Advisor Internationalization – VU Amsterdam) will share the most important results, outcomes and experiences with the Student Self Check. How often and which students use this? Do admissible students proceed to register after they have completed the Student Self Check? What (new) data and insights have been created, and how can these be utilised for better and more targeted recruitment and advice of international students?

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