Together with the client and the organization I make a thorough analysis of the situation, a sharp description of the assignment and (joint) ambitious goals. It is my strength to bring the organization in the position to act and deliver. By translating the assignment, together with employees in the organization, into concrete activities and (new) ways of working. Always taking in mind whether it makes business ánd customer sense.


Change Management
Makesence acts as a catalyst and provides the power to transfer to a customer-centric organization. The starting point is that it has to make sense: for the customer ánd the business. By organizing in multidisciplinary teams, members of different departments jointly explore, define and ultimately implement improvements. Cooperation is strengthened and the organization’s capability to change increased.

Project and program management
Makesence project management approach is very comprehensive and based on four components (defining, planning, implementing and communication) to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with the desired results. Makesence and client project managers and team members can better define and plan projects while anticipating and resolving issues during implementation. It helps teams tap into the know-how of individuals, develop consensus, gain commitment, and settle conflicts.

Arjan was for 5 years (2011-2015) member of the jury for the “Oscars” in customer service in the Netherlands:
the National Customer Service Award (renamed in Customer First Awards).